When students find mathematics overwhelming, they lose interest to learn. They say, "I can't do math."  It's our hope to  inspire students to notice beauty in mathematics and become aware of its many applications. We are here to provide support and  guidance along the way to achieve success in mathematics. Are you ready?

Get Mathy! U can do it!

Math is all around us!

Mathematics  is part of our daily lives We use it when we get groceries, pay bills, and in other aspects of our lives. 

Mathematics is a tool used by scientists to understand our world & by engineers to develop new technology. Mathematics is reflected in nature, music, art, and architecture. Mathematics has its very own beauty. 

Let's explore it together. 

About Jarmila



Teaching math has been an important part of Jarmila's life for over two decades.  Her teaching experience includes working with high school, middle school, and elementary school students abroad, homeschooling her three children, and teaching community college mathematics courses ranging from Prealgebra to Calculus.  Jarmila has recently been teaching university courses preparing future elementary school teachers.  She holds a Masters Degree in Mathematics and Physics with an emphasis in teaching.  Jarmila founded Get Mathy in 2017  with the hope to guide students to enjoy learning mathematics.

Get Mathy Classroom

Get Mathy provides educational services by appointment.

We are located in Oxnard, California near The Collection shopping center at River Park.

To schedule you free initial consultation call (805) 905 5067 or send us an e-mail at jarmila@getmathy.com.

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