♡ Words of Appreciation ♡


Both my daughters took classes with Get Mathy this year, plus Jarmila also did some private tutoring for one of them. My 16 year old loved her High School Geometry class and asked to continue with Get Mathy for Algebra II.

Jarmila really made math fun and interesting for my 13 year old, she really looked forward to

her classes every week, even when they had to be moved online for the pandemic. Both my students were reluctant learners when it came to math, Jarmila has passed on to them a new excitement for math, they no longer look at it as something to just get through.


Brandy Gregory
Homeschooling Mom; Blue Ridge Academy

We love  Jarmila's classes! My daughter has been taking math courses and music courses from Jarmila for over a year now and has developed her math skills exponentially!

Definitely recommend!!

Summer Rogers Langille
homeschooling mom; 2nd/3rd grade

 I just wanted to give a recommendation to anyone that has a child struggling or needing to be challenged.  Get Mathy is the most amazing math class my daughter has ever taken.  She went from a grade level 7th at the beginning of the school year and by the end, she is now at a grade 13th level.  Jarmila has a great passion for teaching, and that is why she is amazing!  We look forward to our next year of Algebra!  

Susan Hewitt
Homeschooling mon

 I have a 7th and 8th grader who are in school but I had them take the "Getting Ready for High School Algebra" workshop with GetMathy teacher Jarmila.  After 2 hours, the kids were still interested and even had smiles on their faces!  Jarmila used manipulatives even for older kids to help math come alive for them.  She is so creative and helps me build my confidence as a homeschooling mom!  Thank you!  

Homeschooling mom of 13, 12, 9, and 7 year old
Thank you so much for everything you have done for me this year! I have learned so much in class, developed valuable math skills, and have grown in confidence. I also discovered that geometry is my favorite type of math. I hope you have an amazing summer! 


- Highschool Geometry Student 
Happy Birthday  Ms. Jarmila. Sending lots of love and joy to you on your special day! I am truly grateful for you as my teacher, you mean the world to me. 
- Highschool Algebra student
Both of my middle school aged children have been enrolled in Jarmila's Pre-Algebra and Math Block classes this year.  During such an uncertain time, it has been a blessing to continue these classes online with Jarmila via ZOOM.  Jarmila transitioned to this online method effortlessly and her online classes are of the upmost quality and professionalism.  Her classes are well-planned and it's evident that much preparation and planning go into making such an excellent experience.  I am grateful that my children can continue to receive a solid education with Jarmila in mathematics, music, and science on ZOOM.  
Inspire Parent of 2 middle schoolers
I am incredibly grateful to have found Jarmilla and Get Mathy!  My kids have enjoyed a variety of classes as well as one on one tutoring at Get Mathy. I've watched them progress, develop an enjoyment for math, and be inspired to continue learning the topics studied. Jarmilla's unique, fun, and engaging approach has my kids looking forward to working with her and attending her classes each week.  After each class they are always excited to explain and show me what they've learned.  As a homeschooling parent of two middle-schoolers, I feel so fortunate to be able to give them the gift of an outstanding mathematical education through Jarmilla and Get Mathy!  I am confident that this love for math that Jarmilla has instilled will last a lifetime
Inspire Parent of 2 middle schoolers

My kids participated in one of the GetMathy workshops this summer!  It was so much fun for them!  Afterwards, my daughter was showing me how many petals were on the daisy and then proceeded to pull them off and group them into 10s!  And then showed me the spiral on a sunflower and how it follows the Fibonacci number!  It was fantastic!  I love the way Jarmila uses manipulatives to make math come to life for any age!  

Annie, homeschooling mom of 9 and 7 year old

Thank you for all the lessons and time spent on making me stronger math student! I ended with a 94% in the class and I got a 93 out of 100 on the final!! Thank you so much for all your help (-:

High School Student

This Get Mathy Workshop for Parents was fun. The participants were engaged and stimulated with interactive projects. I have taken away more than I could of imagine. I truly recommend this priceless experience.

Sage Oak Charter School parent

This Get Mathy Workshop for Parents was fun. The participants were engaged and stimulated with interactive projects. I have taken away more than I could of imagine. I truly recommend this priceless experience.

Sage Oak Charter School parent

My kids loved...loved...loved your class! They were telling me about each hour they spent with you. My heart practically burst with joy! You have been such a blessing in my family life! Thank you!

Homeschooling parent

My son told me how you taught him to take the bigger number first and then count up when adding. He gave the example of 26+6.              Then he said you're magic!

-Homeschooling mom relying her son's words after Get Mathy class with Jarmila

We joined Jarmila for a field trip she had organized to the Port of Hueneme. We had a terrific time and learned a lot. Jarmila did a great job of coordinating the details and making sure that we knew when and where to be. We enjoyed the way she showed how math was a part of this vital operation.

- Heather Kempton Wahl
Home school Parent

Our family has been so blessed by having you as a teacher and friend! I will be praying that your math classes will continue to fill up & grow into what my children had with you all these wonderful years! 

Anna Murphy
Home school Parent

I did an SAT prep study session focused on Math a week before I took the SAT. My math score increased by 110 points and I ended up with a 1360 overall score, all thanks to Get Mathy!

Grace Nguyen
High School Student

I am so lucky to be able to learn from you and I want other home school families to be able to take advantage of all your knowledge! 

Anne Alday
Educational Facilitator

Thank you Jarmila! You've been so helpful and loving during my years as a home schooler.

Jacob Murphy
Junior High Student

Ms. Jarmila is a thorough teacher who presented concepts in a very creative, fun, hands on way.

I would recommend her to any student who wants to understand math better. 

Clara Gregory
Blue Ridge Charter School high school student

My kids have been loving Get Mathy's MATH BLOCKS CLASS each week!                    My 11yr. old son told me the other day that it is his most favorite class ever. I am so     grateful for how much love and care Jarmila takes each week to come along side my  3 kids and helps give them a passion for learning math. We are truly blessed!

Mrs. Cushing
Inspire Charter School parent

I really like the creative lessons and way the mathematics concepts are explained. Jarmila is a wonderful person and teacher!!!


Alyona Kryschenko
Mathematics professor, CSUCI